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Studying in Madrid: what you need to know!

Choosing a university is definitely a challenge for every student who wants to pursue higher education especially for those who are considering to study abroad.

With the so many institutions around the globe, deciding is a daunting task and may take months or even years with the so many considerations to take a look at. However, if you’re clear of what you’re looking for, it won’t be as difficult and challenging as you think it may seem.

If you’re thinking of a student friendly environment, a place with an eclectic mix of culture, fun and
full of adventure and a hub for driven individuals, and a site full of advantages and growth, then MADRID is the perfect place for you. Read along and discover this Spanish city full of extraordinary opportunities waiting for you.

Why Madrid?

Aside from being the Capital City of Spain, it has been attracting students from around the world. The number of International students has continuously soared in Madrid. According to, of all the Spanish regions with international student enrolment, Madrid is ranked first with 14,181 students making it the International student capital of Spain.

Lifestyle in Madrid is also a perfect option for students as it’s laid-back and vibrant. The city has a very good climate that even in winter, you can still enjoy the outdoors with the uncountable activities the city offers. The street walks is always a relaxing thing to do with all the beautiful landmarks just a few steps from each other.

It’s also home to more than 30 museums and art galleries if you’re the cultural type. Museo del Prado, Thyseen-Bornemisza and the La Reina Sofia are just but some that students can go to especially that they offer discounts or free access to students on specific time and days.
And if you’re tired of the walkings, Madrid’s transport system is one of the most efficient transport systems in Europe. As a matter of fact, the Regional Transport Consortium has received several awards and recognition @asLAN award for digital transformation for its contactless smart card project, the Plaque Honorific to the Regional Transport Consortium for its work in coordinating the different means of transport in the Community of Madrid, as well as the Award OSMOSE, European award that recognizes local and regional authorities for the development of efficient and sustainable urban transport. Madrid’s transport system connects to almost all the access points in the city with cheap rates and fares. Students are also given discounts making it a convenient choice of mobility around the city.

Last but not the least, safety is one major factor to consider. A place where you’ll be secured and won’t give you a cause to worry everyday is crucial. In 2021, The Economist ranked Madrid as the 21 st Safest City to live in out of the 60 cities worldwide surpassing Brussels and Paris. Crime rate in Madrid is really low and hate crimes are even rare. Women can go home safe alone without worrying about their safety in the streets. Police visibility is also common day and night which wards off evil minded individuals. Those above-mentioned information discussed are only some of the reasons why the Swiss School of Management chose this outstanding city to be the next venture for International students for their higher education.

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